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The Cabaret of Death - press release

The Cabaret of Death - press release

The Cabaret of Death.
Feature length dramatized documentary (94 min.)

Director: Andrzej Celinski
Producer: Adam Kwiecinski

A World War II story about Jewish artists fighting for survival, using the only weapons available to them – music, theater and film. They fend off German Nazi repression with jokes, cabaret performances, sketches, spectacles, songs and concerts organized in concentration camps and ghettos. They fight for their lives, as well as their souls and dignity. In this series of dramatized episodes and factual reconstructions, we see how music, sketch and Jewish schmonces become the weapons to promote the fight for the will to live and the will to take part in resistance - both for performing artists and members of the audience, people who were often emaciated by the murderous work and hunger.

Also shown is how humor and subtle mockery was understood by the victims and misunderstood by the guards and their opressors. „I played to live” – says one of the heroes of the film, describing in a short sentence, the essence of his performances in front of the camp’s Commander. „I performed for those who were shot to death and for those who shot them.”

The symbolic guide to the world full of paradoxes, unbelievable and dramatic events, the world of cabaret performers; who were the stars of Warsaw and Vienna stages; actors, musicians and filmmakers; is the legendary person of the Warsaw ghetto – the street clown Rubinstein. In our film oddysey we „enter” the Warsaw ghetto, the camp in Kurowice, Jaktorowie, Buchenwaldzie, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Ravensbruck........

The commentators of the events are modern day artists and writers, who explored in their creativeness the topic of „the art behind the barbed wire”, and who are also the last living participants and witnesses of the events.

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