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Adam Rajmund Kwiecinski Bio

Adam Rajmund Kwiecinski Bio

Adam Rajmund Kwiecinski was born on Feb 13, 1967 in Rybnik, Poland Educated as a physician, a doctor of medical sciences and a medical biologist, he is an alumnus of The Silesian Medical Academy in Zabrze. He is a working physician and university teacher. Between 2009 and 2011 he was a Vice Chancellor of Joseph Tyszkiewicz University of Bielsko.

In 1989 he set up a media corporation The Group of Dr. A.R. Kwiecinski which consists of the following subsidiaries:

  • Film Studio Kwiecinski – a production company producing documentary films, feature films, TV series and student films.
  • Kwiecinski publishing – until 2013 the company published mainly medical, law and architecture books. Since 2014 the company has been publishing film business books. The first book in this field is “The cinema of Juliusz Machulski”, which was authored by Artur Majer.
  • K.S.T.F. or “Krakowska Szkoła Teatralna i Filmowa” (The Cracow School of Performing Arts), a post graduate school for high school alumni, established in 2007. Students study there acting, singing, dancing, history of art, production design, make-up, film/TV production and post-production in Film & TV business.

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