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"Cinema of Juliusz Machulski"

"Cinema of Juliusz Machulski"

From the publisher: “The cinema of Juliusz Machulski” written by Artur Majer is the new chapter in the 25 year history of “Kwiecinski Publishing”, i.e. publishing books on the subject of cinema. Publishing this book by Dr. Artur Majer was a gift for the jubilee of the company. Poland would be different without movies by Juliusz Machulski. How? Much sadder and less sensitive to people’s problems, also to the social ones. Each area of our country’s life should have its Machulski, who, by presenting the world in a distorting mirror, highlights human flaws and virtues. Comedy is the most difficult genre of cinema and therefore we should be grateful to the hero of our book for continuing this form of creativity and for making those films, which we rediscover every time we watch them.

Description of Juliusz Machulski’s artistic output allows us to get acquainted with each film’s production process and its original analysis. Interpretation of each film is juxtaposed on the general changes in the Polish Cinematography in the last 30 years. The book is based on a Doctorate’s thesis but was rewritten in a popular style to be read by everyone with pleasure.

Thank you Juliusz Machulski for all your films and I hope we’re going to see more of your successful films in the future.

Thank you Artur Majer for your effort and creativity in writing this first edition of “Cinema of Juliusz Machulski”.

I wish all readers a great time while reading this book. We await the next wonderful films of Juliusz Machulski and the next books published by Kwiecinski Publishing.

Adam R. Kwiecinski

2014-10-02 19:02:23

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